woodCAD|CAM Kitchen Rendering
woodCAD|CAM wood plan
  • No Formulas Needed
  • Solid Modeling
  • AutoCAD Based
  • Backed by Stiles & Homag
  • SQL Database
  • Custom Training/ Integration
  • Industry 4.0/ iFurn Catalog

Designs of individual furniture pieces or entire room situations can be realized and presented impressively in the shortest possible time. Made of materials, coatings, edges and profiles components such as sides, bottoms, frames and fillings are created on screen and can comfortably be assembled into furniture and furnishings.

Details or entire assemblies can be modified, calculated and displayed at any time, thanks to the parametric design approach. Submittal, detail and production drawings behave associatively and are generated, to a large extent, automatically from the 3D construction. With a click of the mouse, parts and production lists right up to CNC data are immediately available.

woodCAD|CAM Exploded View Cabinet CAD

Custom Products: Part Designer

woodCAD|CAM - Part Designer

Intelligent Product Design

woodCAD|CAM - Intelligent Product Design

Submittal Drawings

woodCAD|CAM - Submittal Drawings

Custom Products: Article Designer

woodCAD|CAM - Article Designer

woodCAD|CAM Data to Machine
  • Production lists and NC data directly from the 3D design
  • Control of CNC machines and production systems of the most common brands
  • Automatic tool allocation
  • Distinct part identification by barcode labels
  • Integrated cutting optimization and nesting
  • Efficient 5-axis programming incl. tool path simulation
  • Multiple machine operation

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