Woodworking Technology – SL Laser Webcast

Join Us for an informative woodworking technology webcast event Featuring The SL Laser

April 3, 2013 – 1:00 – 2:00PM Central Time

Presented by: Scott McDonald of SL Laser

You will see the SL Laser – Live!
We will be demonstrating how to:
Templating a Countertop • Creating A Planview • Creating an Elevation View

A Quick Look At the SL Laser
With the use of the ProCollector inaccurate measures & transposed digits while writing the data are a thing of the past. The process is easy & intuitive.

  • Simply use the laser to shoot a few points to establish an origin of your drawing, then start collecting data.
  • Irregular contoured surfaces can be automatically scanned & saved as a curve – give ProCollector start & end points & watch it do the work.
  • In 3D mode, measuring complex geometry is still just point & click. The onscreen handheld display lets you see the results instantly as you build the drawing & allows you to pan, zoom & rotate 360 degrees to make sure you have the data you need before leaving the jobsite.
  • Save files directly to DXF or IGES file format & email it back to the shop from your smartphone – no bulky templates to scribe & transport!