Webcast: Introducing woodCAD|CAM v11~ Special Edition

Introducing woodCAD|CAM v11 ~ Special Edition for the North American Market

  • Generate blazing fast & highly detailed architectural submittals & shop drawings
  • Build truly custom cabinetry absolutely from scratch
  • Construct custom diewalls for reception centers, nurses stations, & cash wraps
  • Create manufacturing reports & machine ready g-code with a click of the mouse


December 10, 2014 @ 1:00 CST

Flexible, Powerful & Highly Intelligent
3D Design and Manufacturing Software

woodCAD|CAM software screen shots

woodCAD|CAM is an AutoCAD based technology, the industry standard. An extremely powerful, flexible & highly intelligent AutoCAD based software, leaving all other cabinet software behind. Manufacturers with a high range of variants or custom made products simplify their processes with woodCAD|CAM technology, including efficient & parametric
design and generation of part lists and CNC programs.