Production Coach

Production Coach - 360 view of facrtory operation

Production Coach  300% increase

Production Coach User -Timberline Cabinetry

Kent Swinson, owner of Timberline achieved these results and stated that he could not have done this without PRODUCTION COACH.

Timberline Cabinetry and Millwork

  • Uses Existing Engineering Data from the office
  • NO increase in Employees
  • NO Additional capital equipment
  • NO Increase in Floor Space
  • Paperless Shop
  • NO long deployment process (3 Days)
  • Real Time Work Order Status
  • Google Calendar for scheduling all work cells
  • Mobil Application for Installation Management
  • Time Keeping for Job Costing and Pay Roll
  • TEAM Dashboard for production/Quality Status
  • Tracks work Cell production Balance

Production Coach Software Videos

Production Coach Features

With our Production Coach software you will get a real-time, 360° view of your factory’s operations, control and view your entire production, eliminate physical files and follow your projects’ progress in real time.

  • Import from CAD|CAM
  • Planning
  • Sorting
  • Tracking
  • Automated Machine Feed Back
  • Part Alerts
  • Visualization
  • Kitting
  • Shipping
mes productions planning software

Our Production Coach software technology is modular in nature, meaning that you can have as many or as few stations in the shop and office as you like, and that you can determine what features you want activated at any station. For some, tracking at the first operation, assembly and shipping is enough. For others, tracking and production progress are not as important as kitting and ensuring that everything made it on the truck.

Production Coach is a control system for managing and monitoring work-in-process on a factory floor and keeps track of all manufacturing information in real time, receiving up-to-the-minute data from robots, machine monitors and employees.

CAD|CAM Import Wizard

Import production orders from industry software solutions.

  • Left side shows job
  • Top shows products
  • Bottom shows parts and hardware
mes planning production - import production orders

Production Coach software technology has established links with Cabinet Vision, Microvellum, and woodCAD|CAM, which simplifies implementation. This provides opportunity for quick implementation and harnessing of existing CAD|CAM data.


Planning with Google Calendars

mes production - with google calendars

Using Google Calendars, Production Coach software technology can assist with the planning of projects and timelines, helping to keep everyone on time and informed.

Data Enchrichment

mes planning production - machine labeling

Production Coach software technology has capability of even enriching data coming from CAD|CAM, so that part labels can now include information otherwise unavailable such as routings or sorting. By supplementing part label data, production can be streamlined, transformed from chaos to order, and improved productivity.


See the live progress of jobs as they move through the shop.

mes planning production - live progress of jobs

HOMAG powerTouch Controller

Production Coach software technology has capability of tracking production as it flows through the shop, providing real-time business intelligence. Equipment with the HOMAG PowerTouch controller can provide automated feedback.

HOMAG Powertouch Control Center

Damaged Part Alerts

Allow for reporting of missing or damaged parts. Alerts are created and distributed automatically

mes planning production - allows for reporting missing parts

Production Coach software technology allows the shop floor to instantly report broken or damaged parts, and create automated alerts to management that can deal with such crisis real-time. Decentralization of decision making is the 3rd design principle of Industry 4.0.


Create kits of multiple items that need to be included in the shipment, but are not part of assemblies

mes planning production - create kits to be included in shipment

Production Coach software technology provides a very simple and visual way to create kits of items that need to be shipped, but are not part of assemblies. By simply highlighting items such as loose hardware or moulding, kits can be determined and label generated, so that ultimately the scanned label at shipping can ensure that all items made it onto the truck.


Scan any part label
See part details and part position with the assembly

mes planning production - scan any part label

Production Coach software technology has a very powerful rendering engine that can create an image of the assembly coming from CAD|CAM. By scanning the part label, the operator is able to see the overall assembly as well as the part scanned, which is highlighted. By selecting more info, the operator can see even more part details including machining information. In addition to part and product information, this one scan also displays all of the associated hardware and accessories for the assembly.


Ensure all parts are available for assembly

mes planning production - all parts are available for assembly

Production Coach software technology allows for the scanning of parts as they are inspected so that assembly only begins to assemble products with all parts available.

Production Progress

Let your shop see production progress

mes planning production - shop see production progress

Production Coach software technology clearly shows the product progress of a work order as it moves through the shop


Select truck and/or storage location for pre-shipping

mes planning production - truck and storage loaction for pre-shipping

Production Coach software technology allows product labels to be scanned into a staging area so that truck loading doesn’t occur until all assemblies and kits are available.


See a live view of what has been scanned onto the truck

mes planning production - live of truck laod

Production Coach software technology allows for the scanning of barcodes to ensure that everything made it on the truck, providing an extremely valuable electronic audit.

Work Order Status

See status of orders or view by work center

mes planning production - orders by view or work center

Production Coach software technology allows the clear view of work orders and their status in calendar form.


Links to smartphones & tablets for delivery

mes planning production - link to smartphones tablet for delivery

Production Coach software technology allows smart devices to access address information so that turn by turn navigation via Google Maps is readily available.

System Specifications


Minimum Requirement

PC Minimum Requirements Microsoft ® Windows 7, 8 or 10 with 32 or 64 bit Professional Edition
Intel Pentium 4 or Athlon AMD Dual-Core, 2.6 GHz or higher
4G of RAM
1G space on the disk for installation
1600 x 900 VGA with true colors
Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
Server Minimum Specification Processor: 6 core 1.90GHz
Memory: 4 X 4G UDIMM, 1333 MT/s, Low Volt, Dual Rank, x8 Data Width (16G Total)
Operating System: Windows Server 2008 or higher
Label Printer Thermal Transfer Printer or Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Printer
No Direct Thermal
Print Color: Monochrome
Maximum Print Resolution: 203 dpi
Maximum Mono Print Speed: 152.40 mm/s, 6 in/s
USB: Yes
USB Scanner Host Interface: Multi-interface
Product Type: Handheld Barcode Scanner
Image Sensor: Linear
Connectivity Technology: USB Cable
Light Source: Laser
Scan Pattern: Bi-directional
Scan rate: 100 scan/s
Supported Interfaces: Keyboard Wedge
Included : USB Cable and Stand
Scanner has to handle prefix and suffix "enter" when scanning
Cordless Scanner Host Interface: USB
Product Type: Handheld Barcode Scanner
Image Sensor: Imager
Color: Twilight Black
Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Light Source: LED
Bluetooth: Yes
Bar Code Dimension: 1D
Scan Pattern: Linear
Scan rate: 547 scan/s
Included: USB Cable and Desktop Cradle
Scanner has to handle prefix and suffix "enter" when scanning
Mod-Cart Timberline

Solving workflow and component management issues Mod-Cart is a family of modular metal frameworks to enhance efficiency, save space and steps and increase profitability. Created specifically for cabinet/casework businesses, Mod-Cart plays on the strengths and skills of the cabinet company’s own people by providing completed metal exoskeletons.