woodCAD|CAM design engineering software

Discover your profit in “One Offs”

A breakthrough technology enabling woodworkers to engineer everything on one AutoCAD 3D platform…EVERYTHING: Case Goods, Reception Desks, Store Fixtures, Wall Paneling, Complex Mill Work…..Everything! Most woodworking software products do case goods. However, if your company is using separate engineering and design tools to create factory data for “One-Offs” you probably have yet to reduce the costly processes associated with “One-Offs”.

woodCAD|CAM offers three unique strategies for your company design engineering, and manufacturer “One-Offs.” These strategies have been under development in Germany for over 20 years and are simple to deploy today. If your company is experiencing an abundance of capacity and a shortage of data to leverage the capacity woodCAD|CAM merits your consideration.

woodCAD|CAM is an AutoCAD based technology, the industry standard. This tool is not dependent on a complicated library loaded with large volumes of never ending formulas. This tool is intuitive and significantly more productive leaving all other solutions way behind when it comes to creating “One-Offs”. Manufacturers with a high range of variants or custom made products simplify their processes with woodCAD|CAM technology, including efficient & parametric design and generation of part lists and CNC programs.

woodCAD|CAM Product Elements.

Submittal Drawings

woodCAD|CAM Submittal Drawings

Create 2D & 3D Drawings that contain all the information needed for manufacturing. Able to easily create “real time” sections and exploded views of products and add dimensioning automatically with the touch of a button.

Custom Products: Article Designer

woodCAD|CAM article designer

Uses contour shape extrusion into a shadow box to add parts, drawers, doors, buyouts, extrusions… all from scratch. Every article designed is parametric with no lengthy formula associations.

Custom Products: Object Designer

Enables you to make parts from a top view and side view, then place them along a polyline. Data is married to the polyline so as field dimensions change you simply change the polyline and the reception desk changes to the new configuration automatically. Some cleanup of the change graphically is needed to achieve 100% parametric change, but this the only automation for die walls that truly enables the user to generate 100% of the needs that their clients require.

  • Metallic extrusions embedded in panels YES.
  • Unique logos and artwork placed on flat panels YES
  • Joinery for studs and base plates enabling snap together assembly YES.
  • Ease of reconfiguration based on field data YES.

Custom Products: Part Designer

woodCAD|CAM part designer

Enables you to build up nonparametric designs one part at a time & attach to other parts using proper joinery selected by operator/designer. This technology develops 5 axis parts if CNC equipment accommodates the running of this geometry. Part Designer enables the user to add machining to parts while in 3D. Also, allows the user to change joint associations between parts while in development.

No fumbling around in a spreadsheet to achieve the unique results needed to complete simple variations of construction. This technology enables the user to modify contours of parts or assemblies within the software. All of the heavy lifting calculations, CNC data, material/labor/work cell needs are done behind the scenes with ZERO use of formulas & spreadsheets. There is no dependency on a library full of spreadsheets that must be referred to as you develop new products. No Formulas. No limitations on what you can create & everything engineered in Article Designer & Object Designer is fully parametric!

Intelligent Product Design

Intelligent Product Design Library

Fully parametric library of pre-built products The creation of customer libraries is user defined, with the ability to apply standard and/or specific construction principles. As well as the ability to incorporate purchased items, hardware, & customer specific connector applications as needed.

Why woodCAD|CAM for One Offs

woodCAD|CAM line drawing

woodCAD|CAM woodCAD|CAM gives the user the ability to produce complicated one-offs & custom products graphically, where the only limitation is your imagination! There is nothing in the industry that can engineer one-offs as fast & accurate as woodCAD|CAM. The typical article or product can be made in minutes versus days, or a half of a day versus one week. Again the ROI is very significant in terms of saving expensive front office resources, with engineering time to design “One-Offs” cut by 70%.

In terms of being unique..When you use woodCAD|CAM to design a “One-Off” that product is fully parametric. It will stretch or shrink, change material, change joinery, change hardware, & all of this is achieved with speed, accuracy & best of all NO FORMULAS! Seems impossible, but it does it & can be accomplished through the following three different methods to ensure a fast solution for the required design tasks

Photo Realistic Renderings

woodCADCAM photorendering

woodCAD|CAM photo-realistic renderings are a powerful sales tool. The extensive catalog containing textures, lights and additional special rendering effects will help you create the realistic renderings you desire. Show your clients what their design will look like before production begins, eliminating costly late production corrections.

Link to the CNC Production

Link to CNC woodCAD|CAM

Detailed machining data can be derived from planning and design. Not only geometric data, but technology parameters as well as the sequential control are automatically generated. woodCAD|CAM focuses on the individual machine situations, from fully automated industrial plants to economical CNC connection are all possible with woodCAD|CAM software.

woodCAD|CAM line drawing sample

woodCAD|CAM by design is built to handle specific demands of each customer it serves. The data is customer specific versus attempting to be global in nature (all users) which greatly compounds the complications of getting the results you need. The software provides an integrated data flow in operation from “first sketch to the machine.” Manufacturing reports are available directly after creating the design. Design data is prepared for manufacturing and automatically transferred to the machine. With full implementation woodCAD|CAM greatly reduces costs, increases process reliability & profits.

Look beyond solid modeling, when you design with solids, you then work hard to create the data left out of the solid model needed for production. With woodCAD|CAM you interact with the Sequel Database as you create the drawing. Hence, the Data First process enables you to launch design error free at a significantly faster pace than any other solutions deployed today

woodCAD|CAM Process Details

Beyond all of the drawing capabilities of woodCAD|CAM cabinet software there are extensive engineering and production abilities and a comprehensive selection of reports.

Parts and Material Structure

  • Detail definition for Part Characteristics
  • Intelligent Connections
  • Automated selection from supplier catalogue
  • Analysis of the connection situation

Design Supported Calculation

  • Cost transparency at all levels
  • Calculation of Total price
  • Material and its overhead cost
  • Manufacturing and its overhead cost
  • Individual Article Prices

Project Administration & Part Lists Report – Generator

  • Graphical and customizable BOM
  • Cut lists
  • Production Report
  • Purchased Report
  • Profile & Edges List
  • Coating & Surfaced Report
  • Labels & Barcodes
  • Part assembly list

woodCAD|CAM is the perfect solution for:

Architectural Millwork • Commercial & Residential Casework • Fixtures, Display, Restaurant & Store • Kitchen Cabinets • Office & Residential Furniture • Storage Solutions, Closet & Garage

woodCAD|CAM uses

System Specifications

For installing this version, your system must fulfill the following conditions:


(1) The minimum hardware requirements of the used AutoCAD® Version must be respected.



Operating system Windows XP® Professional SP3 32 Bit
Windows 7® Professional SP1 32 Bit
Windows 7® Professional SP1 64 Bit
AutoCad® Version(1) for woodCAD|CAM CAD version only:
AutoCad® 2013
AutoCad® 2014
SQL Version SQL 2008 R2 (Default), SQL 2008, SQL 2005, SQL 2012
Processor Processor type 32 Bit:
Windows XP – Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ Dual Core, 1.6
GHz or higher with SSE2technology

Windows 7 – Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon Dual Core, 3.0 GHz
or higher with SSE2technology

Processor type 64 Bit:
AMD Athlon 64, AMD Opteron™ with SSE2 technology Intel
Xeon® with Intel EM64T support and SSEtechnology

Processor speed:
* 3,0 GHz or higher

Main memory min. 2048 MB
Graphic cards min. 256 MB
Screen resolution min. 1280 x 1024 Pixel
Storage capacity 5 GB freeavailable hard disk space for the installation
Drive DVD ROM drive
Interfaces 2 free USB interfaces
Network card 100 Mbit/s
Internet Explorer Microsoft I.E. 7.0
Internet connection for online support, documentation, Updates


For a full version of Microsoft® SQL Server® the necessary minimum requirements of the Server Edition must be respected.



Component Windows Server 2003® SP2 32 Bit
Windows Server 2008 R2® SP1 32 Bit
Windows Server 2008 R2® SP1 64 Bit
SQL Version SQL 2008 R2 (Default), SQL 2008, SQL 2005, SQL 2012
SQL Version SQL 2008 R2 (Default), SQL 2008, SQL 2005, SQL 2012
Processor Processor type 32 Bit:
Pentium III-compatible processor or faster

Processor type 64 Bit:
AMD Opteron
AMD Athlon 64
Intel Xeon with Intel EM64T support
Intel Pentium IV with EM64T support

Processor speed:
2,0 GHz

Main memory min. 512 MB
Graphic cards min. 64 MB
Hard disk SCSI/RAID mirrored
Storage capacity 4 GB free available hard disk space for the installation
Drive DVD ROM drive
Interfaces 2 free USB interfaces
Network card 100 Mbit/s