woodCAD|CAM - tag line
woodCAD|CAM Process Details
  • No Formulas Needed
  • Solid Modeling
  • AutoCAD Based
  • Backed by Stiles & Homag
  • SQL Database
  • Custom Training/ Integration
  • Industry 4.0/ iFurn Catalog
  • Build complex “Engineer to Order” products with real time 3D graphics reflecting non static configured custom assemblies.
  • Enhance your engineering team with a tool that will enable them to achieve better data, better graphics, and enhanced communications to the production floor.
woodcad|cam - rendering

Custom Products: Part Designer

woodCAD|CAM - Part Designer

Intelligent Product Design

woodCAD|CAM - Intelligent Product Design

Submittal Drawings

woodCAD|CAM - Submittal Drawings

Custom Products: Article Designer

woodCAD|CAM - Article Designer

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