OnScreen Takeoff

woodCADCAM - Industry 4.0 Webcast

Watch this very informative webcast about the principles of Industry 4.0 and how you can leverage those principles into your business now. You will also so a brief overview of the software available now, OnScreen Takeoff, woodCAD|CAM, CutRite and Production Coach.

OnScreen Takeoff - QuickBid - Webcast

In this informative session, you will see a live demonstration of how On Screen Take Off can save you thousands of dollars in plan related expenses and tremendously improve the speed of your takeoff and estimating process. Plus you will see new release features available now in OnScreen Takeoff and QuickBid. New Release features in […]

OnScreen Takeoff Webcast Thumbnail

This recorded webcast featuring OnScreen Takeoff by OnCenter Software. OnScreen Takeoff estimating and bidding software allows you to move from manual printed plans, scales and markers and moves to the digital era were we can, onscreen and on your computer, work electronically. To be able to mark up, count and calculate all the conditions that […]


Fetzers Architectural Millwork utilizes OnScreen Takeoff for Woodworking We are with Doug Durant with Fetzer’s Architectural Millwork, he is the estimation manager with Fetzer’s and they have been using OnScreen Takeoff for their estimations. Roger Shaw & Associates asked a few questions on how they are using OnScreen Takeoff for woodworking and what it has […]