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“Love Thy Data”

Today companies are under growing pressure to improve their business processes. One of the most beneficial tools is software, particularly systems that tie everything together. These kinds of systems are called Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software. However, selection is complicated by the fact that there are so many choices and it is almost impossible to find an understandable yardstick to compare them. Advice from experts and consultants is often designed to complicate rather than clarify, and these advisors usually have an interest in pushing a particular brand.

Love Thy Data was written for the business manager, who needs understandable benchmarks to make such an important decision. It stresses the point that managers must educate themselves, since this decision cannot be delegated. Starting with examples demonstrating the need and importance for a good solution, followed by simple measurements for selection, this book cuts through the complexity to provide real answers.

Customer Reviews

Kevin Stickels
The Corsi Group

“I have been in manufacturing (military, aerospace, industrial and commercial) for 30 years and have dealt with many implementations of ERP, MRP, PDM, etc. from “lowly homegrown” systems to SAP and others. I found Mick’s insight refreshing and I could connect with my own experiences in the field. This is a must for anyone investigating ERP and quite the change of pace from other more textbook-like references.”

John Wooten

“This book has been a great resource for me. Our company is currently going through a major upgrade from legacy systems around 10 years and older. Love Thy Data has helped guide the way to create a plan to implement the new systems. It gives practical examples throughout that make the concepts easier to understand. ERP was a new direction for us and now we are on our way.”